The best material for makeup brush bristles


Professional brushes pay attention to the division of labor, so those who paint eyebrows have eyebrow brushes, and those who paint eye shadows may include eye shadow, eyeliner, eye fold brushes, lip brushes, and powder brushes. The era of three brushes, large, medium and small, has passed. But with so many tools, can it completely replace traditional makeup tools? The best material for makeup brush bristles 1Shouldn't the powder and cotton pads be discarded? the answer is negative. Take the most important step in makeup, "foundation", for example, the puff is still the best tool to spread the foundation, but after finishing the powder, use a large powder brush to brush off the excess powder on the face, and the whole makeup will be better. Naturally, brushes and other tools that everyone used to use in the past should be good helpers that complement each other, rather than replacing old habits with new things.

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